International Mesothelioma Researcher Recognized for Her Work with the National Cancer Institution of Naples and Sbarro Health Research Organization

Newswise: International Mesothelioma Researcher Recognized for Her Work with the National Cancer Institution of Naples and Sbarro Health Research Organization
Francesca Pentimalli, PhD

Held in Locri, Italy on Saturday, August 8 in the enchanting Riviera dei Gelsomini, the Women of Talent Award ceremony recognized the achievements of Francesca Pentimalli, PhD, a frequent collaborator on research with the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO). The awards were presented by the Cenacle of Culture and Sciences, an association with the aim of stimulating research and innovation bridging the gap between north and south by promoting the cooperation of universities and preeminent institutions for the training of emerging talent according to meritocratic criteria. 

The President of the Cenacle, Giovanni Filocamo and Vice President Luigi Mileto, along with the President of the class of physical, mathematical and natural sciences, Prof. Francesco Salvatore, assigned the Women of Talent award to high-profile women engaged in various fields from scientific research, to entrepreneurship, law, and economics.

Among the group of outstanding scientists, Pentimalli was honored for her work as a cancer researcher at the National Cancer Institute of Naples, IRCCS Pascale, dedicated to the study of mesothelioma, the tumor derived from exposure to asbestos. Pentimalli, a longstanding collaborator of the Sbarro Health Research Organization, as well as Adjunct Associate Professor at Temple University, discussed mesothelioma and the reckless use of asbestos in the last century as a paradigm of the cancer-environment relation and of the important role of scientists in promoting social awareness for a collective improvement of health and well-being.

During the award ceremony, a roundtable was held on the economic prospects to improve post-Covid-19 health care and research, which included also the participation of Prof. Arturo De Vivo, Rector of the University of Naples Federico II, and Dr. Aldo Ferrara President of Unindustria Calabria. 

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