Dr. Giordano Featured in Forbes Article on COVID-19 Antibody Tests in Italy and USA

The article in Forbes discusses how the USA can learn from Italy, and their antibody testing during the Italy re-opening phase.  There are many companies, international and local, which are racing to win the largest share of the COVID-19 antibody testing market in Italy.

WHO warns that antibody tests may not be of great value, because it is still unknown of how long  antibody induced -immunity will last or if offers any protection at all.

Dr. Giordano also noted “that it’s not clear whether current tests can tell the difference between antibodies for SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, and antibodies for the already circulating coronaviruses that cause the common cold”.

Dr. Giordano also pointed out that “It would be better to apply the same serological test in the whole country, to have a better picture of the diffusion of the virus throughout Italy”.

Finally, Dr. Giordano states that “The U.S. is a vast country, unlike Italy, with different climates and heterogeneous populations. If everyone uses a different test, then at that point the states will have to take responsibility [for testing]. The U.S. needs to find a way to normalize the data across the country”.