Campus Exhibit Celebrates Women in Science

temple-women-scienceThe special gallery, Life as a Scientist, was on display during fall semester 2019.

A photo gallery celebrating the accomplishments of women in science arrived on campus in fall 2019 and was on display in the Science Education and Research Center and Annenberg Hall.

Temple’s College of Engineering, College of Science and Technology, Klein College of Media and Communication and Office of International Affairs joined with the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO) to host Life as a Scientist, a photographic homage to scientists that specifically featured women of Italian descent and was sponsored by the Bracco Foundation, a longstanding Italian organization that promotes expressions of culture, science and art as a means to improve quality of life.

“One of our goals at Temple is to demonstrate our university’s high quality in so many fields. Given the quality that is behind the Bracco family and their foundation, it seemed natural to host this exhibition,” said Professor of Biology Antonio Giordano, SHRO’s founder and president and an accomplished Italian American pathologist and geneticist. Giordano was instrumental in bringing Life as a Scientist to Temple.

The exhibition celebrated the accomplishments of an often-overlooked population—all women in science, from pharmacologists to computer scientists. It demonstrated Temple and the Bracco Foundation’s commitment to championing women and overcoming biases in STEM-related fields. Silvia Boffo, assistant professor of biology and one of the exhibition’s organizers, spoke about the challenges and rewards of being a woman in science.

“Having the possibility to contribute to the knowledge of a scientific field or to the well-being of another human is a privilege,” she said. “Inspiring new generations to go beyond any standardized role model is the future.”

During summer 2019, the photographs in the exhibition were displayed at the Embassy of Italy in Washington, D.C. On Sept. 20, Temple joined this esteemed company and unveiled its own exhibition, marked with a special opening ceremony, reception and walkthrough led by prominent members of the university and the Bracco Foundation. Attendees experienced the three-part gallery, which lined the first-floor hallway beyond SERC’s lobby, the entrance of the Engineering building, and the atrium of Annenberg Hall, where Klein College of Media and Communication is located. In the spirit of Temple’s diversity, Annenberg Hall was included in the installation to recognize the exhibition’s impressive photography as a triumph in artful communication.

“The way the exhibition is set up shows that Temple is not just a great university through its programs, but also through its fantastic facilities that improve more and more over the years,” Giordano said. “It’s what makes this Temple environment so special among students, faculty and the university’s Italian network.”

As universities like Temple are at the forefront of innovation, Giordano said he believes there is room—and necessity—to expand on exhibits like this at institutions of higher education.

“These projects champion marginalized groups and provide a source of inspiration to all students in whatever fields they choose to pursue,” he said. “In a globalized world, there should no longer be a barrier that impedes anyone from making this world better and more livable.”

—Rachel Jenkins, KLN ’16

Marketing Manager, International Affairs

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