Is There a Metabolic Key to Deadliest Form of Ovarian Cancer?

Newswise — Philadelphia-Rome, March 2016 – In a study published in the international journal  “Journal of Cancer”, researchers focused on the role of metabolic factors such as fasting glucose and body mass index (BMI), to determine their correlation to tumor stage at diagnosis. Results indicate an association between these metabolic measures and ovarian cancer which the authors believe worthy of further investigation.

The study, “Metabolic Determinants And Anthropometric Indicators Impact Clinical-pathological Features In Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Patients,” was co-authored by a multidisciplinary Italian-American team led by Prof. Antonio Giordano, Director of the Sbarro Institute for Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine at Temple University. Data of interest were collected from a study population including 147 women diagnosed with epithelial ovarian cancer and treated with platinum based regimens and/or surgery at the Regina Elena National Cancer Institute of Rome.

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