Virtual Reality Might Relieve Symptoms of Cancer Treatment

A new paper by Antonio Giordano, director of Sbarro Health Research Organization and professor of biology at Temple, examines the existing literature on virtual reality and its use in cancer care. All 19 studies Giordano examined show that immersing patients in virtual reality scenarios can help reduce stress in patients during treatment.

Published in the August issue of Journal of Cellular Physiology (PubMed Abstract)(Journal Article), the paper builds on previous work conducted by Giordano and his Sbarro colleagues. Their 2012 study of virtual reality as a tool to aid weight loss found it to be effective.

“Cancer patients have psychological issues that are often overlooked,” Giordano said. “They’re scared about side effects and discomfort, and are sometimes depressed, and that can interfere with their ability to successfully follow a course of therapy.”

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